The Twins are minutes away of having what could be their last team meeting for awhile.

Players and staff have been packing their gear since yesterday, and indications are that many of them are going to leave town as baseball as we know it has been shut down for the foreseeable future because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Major League Baseball announced on Friday that spring training operations are to be shut down. Players had the option of staying in Florida, going home or going to the city they play in. Sounds like there will be players choosing different options.

It's easy to assume that they could be better off staying in camp. But there won't be anyone around to maintain facilities, workout areas, clubhouse, etc.

Minor leaguers were told last night that the complex was closing down and that they had to leave.

I was not allowed to enter the CenturyLink Sports Complex, as a combination of ushers and police officers are stationed outside the two main entrances. I was told by a club official that the clubhouse looks like getaway day, as many players are packing their gear and getting ready to leave town.