Well, you know you picked the right spot to grab lunch when major leaguers show up at the same place. The funny thing on Thursday was who showed up.

A buddy of mine who moved from the Twin Cities to Cleveland picked me up for lunch, and we headed to the Tremont area just outside of downtown to hit some eclectic spot he liked. Halfway through lunch, someone is making faces at me from the doorway. It was Tyler Duffey. Duffey grabbed a quick bite and left, while I kept talking with my friend. Five minutes after Duffey left, Trevor Bauer walks in.

Both starting pitchers. Same place. Nearly at the same time. Can't make it up.

Most of the pre-game chat dealt with the aftermath of last night's Jose Ramirez moment. The second baseman hit a three-run homer in the eighth inning and pimped homer by running with his bat then flipping it in the air. The Twins weren't happy and let him have it. 

After the game, righthander Ricky Nolasco said: ``That was horse manure. He'll get his. Don't worry. (I didn't hear the second half of his quote last night, sorry).

On Thursday, Twins manager Paul Molitor made it clear that they still are not pleased with Ramirez's actions, but suggested Ramirez is not on their hit list.

``We are going to go out there tonight and prioritize winning,'' Molitor said.

Molitor confirmed that he spoke with Cleveland manager Terry Francona, his former teammates with Milwaukee, after the game. And Molitor plans to take the lineup card out to home plate tonight to make sure the umpiring crew doesn't have any concerns.

``It was just one of thoes things, a young player got caught up in the emtoion,'' Molitor said. ``Maybe he was mad at me for intentionally walking Kipnis, I'm not sure. It was over the top, if you ask my opinion. We have to win a game today, and any underlying stories surrounding what happened last night, I hope we are smart enough to not let that be a distraction because we need to turn the page, go out there and play a good game.''

Keep in mind that Francona is not happy with his second baseman, either.

``Good swing. Poor judgment." he said. ``He'll learn. Hopefully not the hard way, but he'll learn.''

The focus returns to how big of a game this is, as the Twins fight for their wild card lives.

Phil Hughes, by the way, looked and sounded terrible in the clubhouse before the game. 


Brian Dozier, 2B
Joe Mauer, 1B
Miguel Sano, DH
Trevor Plouffe, 3B
Eddie Rosario, LF
Torii Hunter, RF
Aaron Hicks, CF
Kurt Suzuki, C
Eduardo Escobar, SS

Tyler Duffey, RHP


Jose Ramirez, 2B
Francisco Lindor, SS
Jason Kipnis, DH
Carlos Santana, 1B
Lonnie Chisenhall, RF
Abraham Almonte, CF
Roberto Perez, C
Michael Martinez, LF
Giovanny Urshela, 3B

Trevor Bauer, RHP

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