A couple things before I hop on the highway to Cleveland:

Jose Berrios has now thrown a career-high 184 innings after working through the fifth inning on Sunday. Berrios was lights out early, as his sinking fastball and breaking pitches simply dominated the Tigers. He faced one hitter over the minimum the first time through the order and did not give up a hit until the fourth.

Then he kind of hit a rough spot. Twins manager Paul Molitor was quick to point out that Berrios was never really hit hard, which is true. Berrios did uncork a couple wild pitches, which suggested he was tiring.

So Berrios was removed after five innings and 87 pitches. He'll have one more start during the regular season, and then it is wait and see. He could be used out of the bullpen in the Wild Card game or start if the Twins win the wild card game. It would be easier if the Twins could win two games in Cleveland (I know), hopefully clinch the wild card and then they can use the final games to organize their pitching.

The tradition continues.....

It was time for the annual dress up the rookies day after the Twins beat Detroit 10-4.

The event has been watered down in recent years. You don't see nearly as many dresses (and no more raunchy ones) as you used to. And I hear that the player's association makes sure the players understand the ramifications of dressing up someone in something offensive.

So the costumes now are similar to what you would see in a bar during Halloween.

I won't go rookie by rookie. But I will highlight a couple that I liked.

Whoever decided to purchase a Kristaps Porzingis uniform and make Aaron Slegers wear it was a stroke of genius. Too bad the Twins aren't headed to New York (they probably will be in a week) because the 6-10 Slegers might be able to fool some folks in the Knicks office.

John Curtiss was Superman, an old stand by on this day. Curtiss accentuated the outfit by pulling back his massive head of hair and wearing Clark Kent-type eyeglasses.

And there's a belief that Adalberto Mejia resembles Royals catcher Salvador Perez, especially with his frohawk dyed gold like Perez. So the veterans had Mejia in a Perez shirsey and baseball pad and found old catcher's shin guards to wear. Pretty funny.

That's it. I've gotta drive to Cleveland, where the Twins have a chance to clinch a wild card berth.