The Twins were more than capable of losing anywhere, anytime between 2011-14, four seasons that ended with at least 92 losses.

But perhaps overlooked in that misery is just how awful the team was at Target Field. While most teams enjoy a home-field advantage no matter how bad they are, the Twins actually had a worse home record than road record over the past four seasons.

That's why it's particularly heartening — and unfamiliar — to look at the standings today. The Twins are 4-8 on the road, but 12-5 at Target Field, the best home mark of any American League team.

oh no The Cavaliers apologized for a video that made light of domestic violence and scuttled a promotion to give away arm slings in honor of Kevin Love.

in his corner Tom Brady has his agent, his dad and some Patriots fans still on his side in "Deflategate," but his image has certainly taken a hit.