Meet the digital style stars of the Twin Cities.

Davee Ek, 29
Day job: Public relations administrative assistant.
Instagram: @youngbrokefabulous, 1,747 followers.
Her style: “I’m a huge advocate of ladies dressing for themselves rather than men.”

Lindsey Herzog, 26
Day job: Psychologist.
Instagram: @lindseyherzog, 10,000 Instagram followers
Her style: “Fashion can be an expression of our true individuality; one of my passions is to help others let that shine. Another is to empower others to lead a more vivacious, purposeful, confident, and adventurous life.”

Macailah Maxwell, 17
Day job: High school student.
Instagram: @itsmacailahmaxwell, 4,368 followers
Her style: “Having an influence and a voice to share my passion with the world is special. I hope to inspire my readers to be themselves as I do and I think it reflects in my style.”

Paul Buttenhoff, 46
Day job: Professor, yoga instructor.
Blog: None.
Instagram: @bothrops1, 8,200 followers.
His style: “On a daily basis, I try to choose at least one garment that my grandfathers would have worn and then add an accessory or modern touch. Mostly old school with a touch of new. The fit is more important than the label.”

Shaynah Dodge, 30
Day job: Hairdresser and mother of three.
Instagram: @ruffledsnob, 32,000 Instagram followers
Her style: “I am a huge supporter of small labels and unique artisans — my goal has always been to get the everyday woman [and families] to have fun with their style, and to find more unique brands that represent their lifestyle.”