Another week, another weekend. Let's hope the rain stays away so that we can all go outside and play. Here's what's in store for the art-goers of our fair double-citied Twin Cities.

Ripe – Daniel Jaffe Art Opening

Porch Gallery (3306 Park Avenue, Minneapolis 55407)

Friday, August 11th

8-11 p.m.

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an art gallery on your porch? Ponder no more, and instead head over to the literal Porch Gallery, where you'll find Daniel Jaffe's art exhibition "Ripe," a ceramic fruit stand filled with more bananas than humanly possible!

Summer Vids 3.0

Sadie Halie Projects (3653 25th Ave S, Minneapolis 55406)

Saturday, August 12th

8 p.m.

If you missed last week's opening of Kristen Sanders' "Soft Origin," catch a screening of her work in a more casual outdoor setting this Saturday. Other screenings include flicks by Kevin Pontuti, Nicole Killian, Talon Gustafson, Andy Ralph, Mel Nguyen, Samual Weinberg and Material Girls. Bring something to sit on, unless you are into being on the grass.

The Wall: Opening Ceremony* and Performance Night

Prospect Park Community Gardens

Sunday, August 13th

6:30-8:30 p.m.

The wall was supposed to be "built" last weekend, but things changed and now the opening ceremony is taking place this weekend! In this troubling political time, artists have taken a stand. This weekend, Lamia Abukhadra and Leila Awadallah as part of Rethinking Public Spaces in collaboration with Martin Gonzalesand the Soap Factory host the opening ceremony of "The Wall," a new installation and performance piece. This wall will be built, interacted with, and eventually broken down. What is a wall, but a divide that can also be subversively taken the f*%k down!? Join everyone for the opening this weekend, and stick around for subsequent interactions with and dismantlings of in the weeks to come.

Ekphrastic 2.0: A Collaborative Storytelling Experience

SooVAC (2909 Bryant Ave. S., Suite 101, Mpls), 612-871-2263 or

The project began at Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis on July 29 and will run through Aug. 26.

A giant tree overshadows a dystopian disaster zone where the people must wear gas masks, and only a single white plastic chair exists alongside some prehistoric woolly mammoths. Elsewhere, layers under the Earth's surface reveal trash and a hammer. Somewhere else a tree covered in animal heads pops up, and a teen boy says, "Leg'go my Eggo." In some ambiguous post-apocalyptic Minneapolis, only the Savers on Lake Street remains. It's not a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. This hodgepodge art creation is the work of nearly 38 artists in "Ekphrastic 2.0: A Collaborative Storytelling Experiment." Read the full story in this feature article on Star Tribune:

Soap Factory: Is Your Rebellion Sitting Still?

Monday, August 14

Old Michael's Restaurant Building (15 S Broadway, Rochester, MN 55904)

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All summer your rebellion has been sitting in public spaces, cooking up plans and deviations. In the project that asks the question "Is Your Rebellion Sitting Still?" by artist Maria Cameron, public spaces in Rochester, Minnesota, are transformed into spaces of contemplation, aided by large-scale thought bubbles attached to buildings. Sit in the space and let yourself answer the question that the bubbles pose. This coming Monday, August 14, two new pieces will be installed:

Installation 1: "Have you said hello to what you will be?"
Old Michael's Restaurant Building / 15 S Broadway, Rochester, MN 55904

Installation 2: "Is your rebellion sitting still?"

That's all she wrote for now. Till next weekend, folks! ! ! ! ! ! !