twice baked squash

Halve, and clean an acorn, turban, or buttercup squash. the thick rind -kind

Carefully, with the cooked squash hot out of the oven,( one hour at 350 degrees) remove the squash, from the rind, save the rind

In a bowl mash the squash to a creamy consistency

To the bowl

Add six pats of butter

1/8th of a cup of diced onions(sweet onion -like walla walla or vadalia)

6 strips of cooked crisp cooled and diced bacon, or diced smoked ham

Refill squash rinds

Cover with grated farmer's cheese

Re-heat in oven under broiler until cheese is golden brown and bubbles

Irish tator cakes

2 cups of peeled, boiled, and then cooled mashed potatoes

2 cups grated raw potatoes

2 tsps season salt

½ cup flour

12 ounces grated cheese, you pick the flavor, it's a tasty binder

Six strips –diced- cooled -crisply cooked –bacon

1/4 cup chopped chives, diced onions, whatever you have

4 pats butter

Mix this all up and divide into four evenly sized patties

Fry on high hot skillet, until golden brown