Q: On "Downton Abbey," why is the character of Rose still living with the Crawleys? What happened to her parents?

A: Lady Rose MacClare, played by Lily James, is the daughter of Hugh and Susan MacClare. Hugh is part of the Foreign Office and has been sent to India. Susan went with him, but Rose stayed behind and has been living with the Crawleys. There are changes coming for Rose as she embarks on a new romance and for her parents, as they return to England this season.

Finding 'The 100'

Q: I am hoping you can find Season 2 of "The 100" for me. I recently watched the 13th and last episode of Season 1 on Netflix and got hooked.

A: The second season of the series on the CW is not done yet. New episodes are airing right now, so a release of the second season on disc will have to wait until the current round is done.

The split of "The Little Couple"

Q: What happened to "The Little Couple" on TLC? The season premiere was Dec. 2, and then by Jan. 6 the season ended?

A: As I have said here before, television shows run for different numbers of episodes and with increasing frequency split their seasons into short blocks of programs. The six episodes that you saw are only part of the current season. Seven episodes remain. The series will be back sometime in the spring; TLC has not yet announced the return date.

'Bodies' moves online

Q: I am an avid fan of the Discovery Fit and Health Network's show "Bodies in Motion" by Gilad. What happened to it?

A: Discovery Fit & Health is no more. It is now Discovery Life and running shows such as "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," "My Mom Is Obsessed" and "Bizarre ER" — in general terms, shows about changing lives and how people deal with those changes. According to the Associated Press, the folks at the Discovery mothership concluded that most people seeking information about health and fitness were getting it online, not from TV shows. As for "Bodies in Motion," it has a website, www.bodiesinmotionwithgilad.com.

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