Q: Why was the show "Star" canceled? I really enjoyed it. How did it end?

A: Deadline.com reported one Fox executive calling it a "tough choice" to cancel the musical drama in 2019 after three seasons. But ratings had declined, it was an expensive show and it was lagging in overseas sales, a key revenue generator for studios. Fox also said it wanted to give "Empire" a big send-off for its final season, which included putting it in the 8 p.m. (Central time) slot. "Star" had led out of "Empire," but Fox did not program the 9 p.m. slot, eliminating a home for "Star." As for how the show ended, because of the timing of the cancellation, it did so with a huge cliffhanger: According to TVGuide.com, at Derek and Alex's wedding, "Bankhead gang members infiltrated the intimate event and opened fire on the unsuspecting guests, leaving a sea of bodies in their wake." Questions about who survived would have been answered in the fourth season — except there wasn't one.

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