Q: Will there be a new season of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in the fall?

A: Yes, although it won't be everywhere you've seen it in the past. If you do see the show, though, you will find another new host, Chris Harrison of "The Bachelor"/"Bachelorette." He succeeds Terry Crews, who after a single season is reportedly focusing on other projects, both as an actor and as a host. And the format is reportedly getting changed — going back to the classic "ladder" approach to questions, where their value increases with each new question, instead of the random shuffling of values used more recently.

Isles' family tree

Q: I am a great fan of "Rizzoli and Isles," but am somewhat confused about the story that introduced Maura's father. I remember a story line a few years ago where Maura's father was a mobster and she testified against him in court, donated a kidney to her sister and met her doctor mother. Can you clear this up for me?

A: The biological parents of Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) are the mobster Patrick Doyle (John Doman) and Dr. Hope Martin (Sharon Lawrence). But she did not meet them until she was an adult. To protect her from his enemies, Doyle claimed baby Maura died and had her adopted by another couple. That was Constance and Arthur Isles, played by Jacqueline Bisset and — you finally saw recently — David Ogden Stiers.

More 'Heartland'

Q: My husband and I recently finished watching all six seasons of "Heartland," made in Canada. We enjoyed it but were disappointed in the last episode with lots of questions unanswered. Will there be more episodes of this?

A: There already are. You must have been watching the show on Netflix, which has six seasons. A seventh and an eighth season have also been made, and aired on UP TV. The seventh season is now on DVD and the eighth is, at least for a time, on demand. A ninth season will begin airing in Canada in October, but I do not yet know where and when it will run in the United States.

'Grimm' return

Q: Will "Grimm" be coming back?

A: Yes. The NBC horror drama begins its fifth season on Oct. 30.

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