Q: With the popularity of "Downton Abbey" and all things British, why don't more stations carry the No. 1 program in Britain, "EastEnders"? It used to be on BBC America but now is on only some PBS stations and running eight years behind.

A My understanding in the 1990s era of "Ballykissangel," which also aired on some PBS stations, was that imported British dramas tend to be quite expensive and tough for many PBS stations to afford. But "EastEnders" is available from a distributor other than PBS stations.

"BBC America aired 'EastEnders' many years ago, but it failed to resonate with the channel's audience," a BBC Worldwide publicist said. "When it was removed from the channel's programming schedule, we arranged a deal for the show to go to Echostar's DISH Network, where it is still available today. There are also a handful of PBS stations across the country that air it, as well. We suggest viewers check their local listings for availability."

'Doc Martin' returning in April

Q Will there be any new episodes of the "Doc Martin" series on PBS?

A Yes, depending on where you live. "Doc Martin" is a British series syndicated in America by APT. Older episodes can be viewed on Hulu.com. New episodes will air in the Twin Cities starting April 22. Premiere dates for the new season in other cities vary.

'Slavery' readily available

Q When will "Slavery by Another Name" air again?

A As far as I know, another broadcast has not been scheduled. But it is on DVD and available for free online viewing.

Documentaries have more leeway

Q How can a show like "Moonshiners" get away with filming an illegal activity and not report it to authorities?

A I suspect that in the grand scheme of things, making moonshine is a pretty minor offense.

The response from a Discovery Channel publicist: "There is a long history of documentary reporters chronicling activities that are potentially illegal. Discovery Channel observes all aspects of life to further educate its viewers."

Disney Junior coming soon

Q Is Disney Junior replacing SoapNET this spring?

A Yes, Disney Junior replaces SoapNET on Friday.