Clowning around

One of the most anticipated films of the fall is "It," based on Stephen King's novel. But this isn't the first time the horror story has been brought to the screen. The 1990 miniseries "Stephen King's It" was a chiller classic, with Tim Curry as the clown terrorizing John Ritter, Richard Thomas, Harry Anderson and other beloved TV stars.

7 p.m., Spike TV

Maron in Minneapolis

Fans of the podcast "WTF With Marc Maron" know the comedian has gotten better at not hogging the microphone, but sometimes we still want to hear his caustic confessionals without interruptions from guests. "Marc Maron: Too Real," a stand-up special taped at the Pantages Theatre in downtown Minneapolis, offers just that.

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Tommy boy

"The Gong Show," one of this summer's most unexpected treats, was a game-show revival for baby boomers and a piece of performance art for Mike Myers, who is so deeply committed to his role as host Tommy Maitland that you're never really sure if he's in on the joke. Andy Kaufman would be cackling. Courteney Cox, Will Arnett and Isla Fisher serve as judges in this season finale.

9 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

Neal Justin