The long run

“Breaking2,” an inspirational documentary about three African runners trying to complete a marathon in under two hours, has Nike as a co-producer, but the company manages not to make the film all about the shoes. The dogged human spirit takes gold, even as the runners’ goal looks more and more unlikely.

7 p.m., National Geographic

When it began

Fox apologizes for pushing off new episodes of “The X-Files” until next year by making the original 1993 pilot temporarily available for free on its website. The chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson sizzles from the get-go.

Now streaming at and on the Fox Now app

Almost paradise

“The Good Place” wrapped up its first season with a devilish twist that would have made a memorable series finale. Instead, creator Michael Schur and plucky star Kristen Bell are soldiering on. Based on the first four episodes, the sitcom is still a little slice of heaven, thanks in large part to temporarily making Ted Danson the primary focus. Watching him squirm and stammer to keep his position as devil’s advocate, it seems only a matter of time before Satan curses him with a visit from Diane Chambers.

9 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin