More about Steve

If our profile on Steve Harvey didn’t go deep enough, maybe the Queen of All Media can help satisfy your curiosity. In a new episode of “Oprah’s Master Class,” the affable comic opens up about the peaks and valleys of his long career and how he’s managed to become a TV staple without giving everyone in his studio audience a car.

9 p.m. Sat., OWN

Ticket to ride

All aboard “Mighty Cruise Ships” and “Mighty Trains,” two new documentaries that may have you rethinking your next family vacation. Filmmakers offer first-class seating on trips through Indonesia, Canada and Japan.

7 p.m. Sun., Smithsonian Channel

Sure bet

Daniel Craig recently announced that he’ll be returning as James Bond, good news for those of us who appreciate how the actor has brought a new layer of darkness to the character since his first outing in 2006’s “Casino Royale.” The film may be more grim than previous outings, but Craig still manages to crack wise between chase scenes.

8 p.m. Sun., BBC America

Neal Justin