Scared straight

“Lore” offers lots of new reasons to toss and turn at night. This anthology series, based on Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts, shares real-life stories that would make Robert Ripley shiver, starting with a look at how superstitions about the dead in New England contributed to the legend of Dracula. Campbell Scott and John Byner are among the mortals who appear in re-enactments.

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Good grief

Last November, Patton Oswalt used an appearance at Mystic Lake Casino to talk through the grief of losing his wife, Mary McNamara. That therapy session sharpened over the ensuing months, leading to the taping of his latest special, “Annihilation,” which includes a sidesplitting bit about how a well-intentioned ticket taker at the airport spooked Oswalt’s daughter by sharing her own stories of loss. It’s the kind of routine that reminds you he is one of comedy’s most honest and talented stand-ups.

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Waking the dead

Podcasts aren’t the only medium investigating cold cases. “The Eleven” follows journalist Lise Olsen and retired police detective Fred Paige as they re-examine the murders of 11 teenage girls around Galveston County, Texas.

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Neal Justin