Like last season's short-lived "APB," the new drama "Wisdom of the Crowd" asks viewers to imagine a world in which technology succeeds where beat cops fall short. Emmy winner Jeremy Piven may draw some "Entourage" fans hoping his tech-savvy crime fighter will show flashes of Ari Gold, but their fascination probably has the expiration date of Apple's latest iPhone.

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We are family

Almost every superhero saga involves misfits searching for family. "The Gifted" goes one step further by focusing on actual blood-related good guys on the run after their children are exposed as mutants. The family-friendly theme continues with less gore than usual, but the PG label doesn't take away the Bryan Singer-directed action, including a chase scene featuring sinister robot spiders.

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How West was won

"Tin Star" isn't an old-fashioned western, but leading man Tim Roth might as well be sporting a 10-gallon hat and riding a horse named Trigger. The Oscar-nominated actor plays a new police chief in the Canadian Rockies who channels the raging alcoholic within when tragedy strikes his family. The cast, which includes Christina Hendricks, is impressive, but it's dwarfed by the majestic scenery and dusty clichés.

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Neal Justin