The road to ruin

It’s a grave injustice that Steve Coogan isn’t a big star in America, despite creating one of England’s most durable — and disturbing — characters. His egocentric alter ego returns to the States in “Alan Partridge: Scissored Isle,” a one-off mockumentary in which the disgraced media personality embarks on a journey of redemption. Longtime followers of the 25-year-old character can guess where Partridge ends up.

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Love by any other name

“Alan Partridge” isn’t the only English show that risks getting lost in translation. Netflix has picked up the Brit-com “Scrotal Recall,” but has chosen to call it “Lovesick,” a tamer title that does nothing to tamp down the chain of events triggered when a character discovers he has chlamydia. Now there’s one plot line I don’t recall being used on “Friends.”

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Chef special

Celebrity chefs break bread together in “Unichef: Uniting Through Food,” a one-hour special in which cooks plug their favorite charities and chat about feeding the soul. Ming Tsai, Sandra Lee and Donatella Arpaia are featured, with proceeds going toward UNICEF.

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Neal Justin