Second time around

When a successful series radically departs from the formula that made it special, it’s usually a mistake. Once again, “Atlanta” defied the odds. The series, which wraps up its second season next week, may have taken a very different approach to storytelling, but its bold — often hilarious — choices made my jaw drop just as much as it did the first time around.

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Rachel, Rachel

Rachel Dolezal doesn’t appear to believe in lying low. In the documentary “The Rachel Divide,” the former NAACP official continues to justify why she identified herself as black despite being born white.

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Hello, gorgeous

It’s finally time to put “Mulaney” behind us. This terrible sitcom could have put its star, John Mulaney, in permanent purgatory, but the comedian has made a strong comeback in Broadway’s “Oh, Hello” and as a winning host of “Saturday Night Live.” Let’s hope his new stand-up special, “Kid Gorgeous,” keeps the winning streak alive.

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