G'day, mate

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (4 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4) goes Down Under as the amiable host broadcasts from Melbourne, Australia, part of her never-ending quest to dance with Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan.

Monkey business

The always reliable Ken Jeong adds energy to the season premiere of "Sullivan & Son" (9 p.m., TBS) by playing a dull doctor who loosens up a little too much after a couple of beers and swears he's going to hunt down that drug-dealing monkey from "The Hangover."

Clothes call

Fashion designer Kenyatta Jones opens up "House of Curves" (9 p.m., WE), a new Atlanta-based reality series that showcases her plus-sized clothing line. I'll leave any further comments to Joan Rivers.

Neal Justin