They won't grow up

No team on television embraces bawdiness with more relish than Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Their physical and emotional commitment to their characters' immaturity is what has made "Broad City" such a sinful delight. It's borderline tragic that this fifth season, which kicks off with a ridiculous walking tour of Manhattan, will be their last.

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They won't grow up, either

If Thelma and Louise hadn't driven off that cliff in Utah, they might have turned into "Grace and Frankie," the gal pals who refuse to grow old gracefully. In the fifth season, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin continue to have a ball acting like kids. Watching Fonda devour a burrito at a fast-food restaurant is just delicious.

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Good golly, Miss Molly

"The Other Two" is mostly about how two underachieving siblings seethe when their little brother is tapped to be the next Justin Bieber, but you'll find yourself pining to see more of Molly Shannon, who plays the cooing stage mother. The former "SNL" cast member has carved out a nice career as a supporting actress, but it's high time she took center stage as a superstar.

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