Going in style

CNN may dedicate itself to news around the clock, but when it comes to documentary series, the network seems to be in an awful hurry. "American Style," like the cable channel's "The History of Comedy" and "The Nineties," moves at a lickety-split pace, barely giving viewers a chance to swoon over Katharine Hepburn's gender-outlaw pants or Gregory Peck's flannel suit. There's a lot of fascinating fashion in this four-part project; I only wish the filmmakers had occasionally paused to preen.

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I smell a rat

"Informer" didn't cause the same hubbub that "Bodyguard" did when it premiered in the U.K., but many British reviewers were just as impressed. The series delves into the world of a police informer who isn't as "informed" as the coppers might have thought. Paddy Considine, a standout in "Hot Fuzz" and "Peaky Blinders," plays the snitch's superior.

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Vision quest

"Tigtone," in which a Hercules wannabe battles the not-so-distant cousins of Gollum, isn't exactly flexing the superpowers of animation. The look of each 12-minute episode will remind you more of a Mad magazine comic strip than a Disney cartoon. The minimal approach elicits cheap laughs and not much else.

11 p.m. Sunday, Adult Swim

Neal Justin