Take this for a spin

Figure skating might leave you cold, but “Spinning Out” may just cause you to fall in love with the sport — or at least with Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), a talented but unlucky skater who must team up with a richy-rich partner if she wants to keep her Olympic hopes alive. The music and moves are top-notch. January Jones has the juiciest role of her career as a bipolar mother trying in vain to chip away at the ice between herself and her daughters.

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The doctor is in

Now that the fuss has died down over the latest incarnation of “Doctor Who” being a woman, fans can simply enjoy watching Jodie Whittaker deftly handle her turn at saving the world. Stephen Fry guest-stars on the season premiere.

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Second coming

Jesus Christ hasn’t changed his look much since his last visit to Earth, at least not according to “Messiah,” a new series in which the prophet tries to settle the Middle East crisis. Michelle Monaghan plays a CIA agent trying to figure out if the dude is really a divine entity or a hippie con artist. Judging from the first couple of episodes, her investigation is about as much fun as a Sunday sermon.

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Neal Justin