Better call Paul

Some actors just get better with age. That was certainly true of Paul Newman, who learned in the second half of his career how subtlety and silence can speak volumes. Enjoy him in two of his best gray-haired roles — 1981's "Absence of Malice" (7 p.m. TCM) and 1982's "The Verdict" (9 p.m. TCM).

Murder, she wrote

Gladiators will be heartbroken to learn "Scandal" has the night off, but there's still plenty of preposterous drama on the docket with a two-hour season finale of "How to Get Away Murder," which, until "Empire" came along, was TV's most popular new drama. 8 p.m. KSTP, Ch. 5

I've got a secret

"Victoria's Secret Swim Special" will provide detailed instructions on how to do the American crawl, the backstroke and other popular water activities. If there's time, the hour might include a few shots of supermodels lounging on the beach. 9 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin