Genius at work

"Louis C.K.: 2017" opens with a jaw-dropping bit on abortion, just the kind of risky business we expect from an unpredictable master. This stand-up special may be as memorable as past efforts, but that might be simply because stand-up's reigning king has set such high standards. He may not clear the bar, but he comes darned close. C.K is also hosting this weekend's "Saturday Night Live."

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The body electric

Hard to believe there hasn't been a major motion picture about Nikola Tesla, the troubled scientist whose lack of street smarts kept him from getting full credit for changing the world. "Tesla" makes the case for this underappreciated genius.

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Out of Africa

Not getting enough wildlife footage from PBS and cable? Check out Smithsonian Channel's new digital platform, which has loads of original documentaries. Its latest, "Africa's Hunters," does a decent job of "humanizing" a leopard dealing with old age. The footage shot with night cameras is stunning. Videos are free during a 30-day trial.

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Neal Justin