Here’s looking at you

If Humphrey Bogart were alive today, he’d be itching to play the title character in “Bosch,” a brains-over-brawn series revolving around an L.A. detective plagued by bad luck and blessed with a deadpan sense of humor. As it turns out, Titus Welliver is doing just fine portraying the sleuth who, in this fourth season, delves into the murder of a civil rights attorney.

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Sci-fi stamp of approval

Neil Gaiman helped lend Minneapolis’ DreamHaven Books and Comics some street cred when he lived in the Twin Cities area and wrote some of his most important work. Let’s see if he can do the same for Stuart’s shop on “The Big Bang Theory.” The “American Gods” author plays a pivotal role in this week’s episode, joining an impressive geek guest list that already includes the late Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates.

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Danger, Will Robinson!

A reboot of “Lost in Space” separates itself from the original 1960s series by putting the Robinson parents on the brink of divorce, upgrading the Robot and casting Parker Posey as Dr. Smith. But this 10-part series isn’t nearly as ambitious or thought-provoking as the “Battlestar Galactica” update, which had more on its mind than just cashing in on nostalgia.

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Neal Justin