We knew Brennan and Booth belonged together the minute they leaned over their first corpse in "Bones," but we're not so confident about other famous TV couples.


The couple: Sam Malone and Diane Chambers.

Better together? The chemistry was red hot, but Sam only has room in his heart for his beloved Boston bar.


The couple: Rachel Green and Ross Geller.

Better together? Even when they were on a break, they were destined to be each other's lobster.


The couple: David Addison and Maddie Hayes.

Better together? It doesn't take an ace detective to realize the fire died out the minute these two hopped in the sack.


The couple: Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross.

Better together? Yes, but only with a lifetime prescription of weekly marriage counseling.


The couple: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Better together? It's a stretch to imagine them giving in to a romantic urge, but the pillow talk would be scintillating.

Neal Justin