Eddie Rosario either leads outright or is tied for the Twins team lead in home runs, RBI, runs, hits, stolen bases, batting average, slugging and OPS. Of all the young Twins players hyped in recent years, Rosario might turn out to be the best of them all.


This is not an official test, per se, but how much of the Twins vs. White Sox doubleheader you watch Tuesday will tell you a lot about your life and Twins fandom. 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., FSN.


"If this team manages to make it to Omaha — and that's a big if — they might even have a kind of home-field advantage in the proximity to the Twin Cities and the fact that they won the Big Ten tournament there. I've never been a bandwagon fan for a more deserving team. Go Gophs and thanks Anderson."

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