This is Kevin Garnett's 20th year in the NBA. If that doesn't make you feel old, we're not sure what will. (He's always been about five months older than us, so it REALLY makes us feel old).

But while his future might include buying the Timberwolves, his present involves being the same combative, fiery player he was when he came into the league straight out of high school.

There are numerous examples from over the years. The latest came Monday night, when Garnett got tangled up with Dwight Howard … and just couldn't let it go. It ended with Garnett headbutting the Rockets center (video here), which earned KG an ejection and a one-game suspension.

The best part was Garnett circling back endlessly trying to get another piece of Howard, which we can't imagine anyone thinking clearly would want to attempt.

For the season, Garnett is averaging just 7.2 points and 7.3 rebounds … though if you asked us if we would like to see Da Kid play one more season — a 21st year for No. 21 — with the Wolves to show some of the young kids how to bring defensive intensity and effort every night, we would be all for it.