Serves me right for bragging about Minnesota's supernatural lack of severe weather so far this spring. Mother Nature, hold my beer. The recent rain was just the soggy appetizer.

An unusually powerful storm will track north and west of the Twin Cities on Tuesday night. The wind, moisture and temperature profile necessary for hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be present south and east of the storm track, including the Twin Cities, Mankato and Rochester.

We may see 2024′s first widespread severe thunderstorm outbreak Tuesday. One to 2 inches of rain may fall by Wednesday, with some 2- to 4-inch totals over central and northern Minnesota. From drought to flood, in the meteorological blink of an eye. Welcome to Minnesota!

I see 70s for daytime highs most of this week, but ECMWF (my favorite European model) hints at 80 on Sunday.

It's worth noting that most of us won't see any storm damage Tuesday, but a few towns may experience large hail, damaging winds and even a tornado. Have a Plan B ready for Tuesday.