It's election season and the only thing that's possibly dividing the American people more than who to vote for is candy corn.

Do you eat it or throw it away? The folks at Urban Growler Brewing Company in St. Paul have a third option for Halloween's most divisive candy: make a beer out of it.

"It started as a joke three years ago when we needed to come up with a fall beer," said master brewer and co-owner Deb Loch. "It went over so well, that we had to make it every year."

Despite all the bickering over the corn kernel-shaped candy, Loch says the beer is a hit. By season's end, beer drinkers in the Twin Cities will have consumed 8 1/2 barrels of "Candy Corn Imperial Ale."

At 9.1 percent alcohol content, no wonder people love it.

"They're surprised it's not sweet like candy corn, but it has the essence of candy corn," she said. "It tastes a little marshmallow-y and it tastes way better in beer than it does on its own."

Beyond the beer, candy corn starts a Halloween war among families, in offices, and on social media every year. It is America's most loved and despised treat, topping the list of inane things people endlessly argue about on Twitter.

Candy corn lovers come to the defense of its smooth, sugary, addictive nature, while others simply call it "garbage."

Adding fuel to the fire, the troublemakers at Influenster, shared this week that candy corn is yet again America's favorite Halloween candy in the most number of states.

But not in Minnesota. The 100 Grand Bar was the favorite for the Land of 10,000 lakes, but of course not everyone agrees.