TMZ says:

John Travolta's vintage sports car got stolen right out from under his nose yesterday in Santa Monica ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us Travolta had parked his 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL on the street -- just a couple blocks from a Jaguar dealer.

We're told John was only in the dealership for about 10 minutes -- and when he returned ... his whip had vanished.


Maybe he’s down to 47 cars after this. Perhaps this is how the ultrarich spend their idle hours: well, yesterday I drove the Jag to the Benz dealer; today I’ll drive the Benz to a Jaguar dealer. I need a new ride to the airplane dealer.


The car is worth $100K, sources say. Looks rather dorky, judging from this picture. Would you spend $100K on that, knowing few people would say “Oh, a classic Benz,” but would more likely think it’s an AMC vehicle from the waning years of the Nixon era?

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