Catherine Allan and Richard Hudson get "plaqued" by TPT president Jim Pagliarini.

They may not be as well known as Ernie and Bert, but Catherine Allan and Richard Hudson have been as much a part of public television as anyone living on Sesame Street.

The two executive producers, who have played major roles in such heralded projects as "Hoop Dreams," "SciGirls" and "Benjamin Franklin" were honored Thursay night at TPT's new headquarters as both officially ease into their retirement years.

"My life has been flashing before my eyes in slow motion ever since I walked into this room," said Hudson, gazing over a crowd that included storyteller Kevin Kling, the subject of a recent documentary produced by Allan. "It sort of takes your breath away."

In addition to speeches from TPT president Jim Pagliarini and vice president Gerry Richman, there were taped testimonials from the National Science Foundation's program director Valentine Kass, Corporation for Public Broadcasting senior VP Jennifer Lawson and former PBS executive John Wilson.

Both Allan and Hudson have received Emmys for their work and have a played a significant role in keeping TPT as one of hte most productive local stations for national programming.

"I like to think the spirit, especially the willingness to take risks, has kept going," Allan said.

While both are officially retiring, you can still expect them to pop up in the halls of the station. Allan is still in the midst of rounding up money for a project on Joseph Stalin and Hudson will be following through on a project he started that is leading to a Hispanic version of "SciGirls."