Based on simulations of how the rest of the season will go by Hockey Reference, the Wild has a 52 percent chance of making the playoffs. That’s pretty much a coin flip. Do you want heads or tails?


Want to know what the Twins’ decision makers are thinking about this offseason? Twins GM Thad Levine and chief baseball officer Derek Falvey, along with manager Paul Molitor and first baseman Joe Mauer, will participate in a “Twins Town Hall” shown live on FSN (7 p.m.).




“I’m telling you, P.J. Fleck is very appealing to millennials, and he is going to bring some very good recruits to Minnesota. Now whether or not he/his staff can coach them up to be champs is yet to be seen, but he will bring in better quality recruits than the previous three coaches.”

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“‘It’s almost like Green Bay is a high-class Cincinnati Bengals,’ @WhitlockJason says. ‘Carson Palmer got so frustrated he said either move me or I quit. Aaron Rodgers should consider that.’”