Are heavy minutes wearing down the Timberwolves just one-third of the way into the season? Is this becoming Jimmy Butler's team? We explored those questions and more on the latest Timberwolves Talk podcast on iTunes and


Per, the Falcons currently have a 46 percent chance of making the playoffs. A win over New Orleans on Thursday (7:20 p.m., Ch. 11) would boost that to 65 percent, while a loss would drop it to 22 percent. So yeah, it's a big game for Atlanta.


"I've followed Keenum's pro career since he started at Houston and I've told people every where he went that he has the tools and potential to be a great QB in the NFL. Commentators, fans and scouts have never given Keenum the respect for his accomplishments and his abilities."

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"Quick question: Who is the glue guy who does little things and doesn't care about scoring or taking shots on this team among rotation players? #Gophers need to find him. And play him consistent minutes. Is he there?"