Think of it as “SportsCenter” before TV highlights existed: A peach-colored Minneapolis newspaper sports section that delivered over-the-top coverage of Golden Gophers football every Sunday. 

Here's Paul Klauda with more on the history behind it. And Sid Hartman weighs in on the meaning of the Peach.

And with a matchup worthy of the days of the Peach, the Star Tribune goes into throwback mode, with a special page in the sports section of Friday's Star Tribune. Pick up any edition of Friday's paper to check it out.

You'll find these stories: 

Megan Ryan: Undefeated Gopher Gridders Look to Silence Lions' Roar.

Megan Ryan: Will U Air It Out to Former North Minneapolis Gridder Tyler Johnson? 

Chip Scoggins: Quarterbacks Exceed Expectations By Even Earning Starting Jobs

Joe Christensen: Showdown Could Stir Stadium Village's Ghosts

And back in the 21st century, you'll also find:

Megan Ryan: Gophers fans show their colors with 8-0 start and big game Saturday

Megan Ryan: Gophers achieve first sellout since 2015 for Saturday's game against Penn State

Jim Souhan: Weekend could have big impact for many on Gophers and Vikings