WHAT TO DO WITH MAUER: Twins manager Paul Molitor hopes that giving Joe Mauer three days off this week will help his legs recover enough for him to get back in the lineup. At this point, what's the rush? They should have left him at home for this road trip to condition and recover. There's little point in playing him a couple days then having to sit him out because his legs are sore.  Am I'm not criticizing Mauer for being injured. We don't know what he's feeling. But why not be conservative here and give him as much time as he needs?

AND NOW SANO: Add Miguel Sano to the infirmary report. Sano left the game after striking out in the sixth. He said he woke up with a sore back about three days ago and has tried to play with it. But he felt it tonight while batting and playing in the field. So he alerted the Twins in the sixth inning after striking out. ``Take a couple days off and come back and play,'' Dr. Sano said.  That will give Eduardo Escobar and James Beresford a chance to play at third over the next two days.

TIGERS OUTRUN ARMS: The Tigers came back to score two runs in the seventh inning and take a 3-2 lead thanks to two close plays at the plate. With James McCann on first, Austin Romine doubled into the right field corner. It initially looked like McCann would score with little trouble. But Eddie Rosario played the ball perfectly off the wall and fired a strike to relay man Jorge Polanco. Polanco turned and fired home. The ball beat McCann to the plate, but Kurt Suzuki had to reach to his left to catch it then swipe back to his right to get McCann. McCann just beat the tag, replays confirmed. ``If it's more on target, we get the first guy,'' Molitor said. The next batter, Jose Iglesias, sent a fly ball to medium center field. Byron Buxton fired home as Romine tagged up and went for home. Buxton's throw was off to the right a little bit, and Romine dived in safe by a hair. Two close plays. Two solid throws. Both a little off. Molitor pointed out that the play might never happen if reliever Alex Wimmers doesn't walk McCann to begin the inning.

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