Here are three thoughts following the Twins 3-2 win over Tampa Bay

USE THE CURVE: Phil Hughes threw first pitch strikes to 21 of the 26 batters he faced on Friday. Many of those first pitches were curveballs. And Hughes got a few first-pitch outs with the curve. ``He had a real good feel for it," Twins manager Paul Molitor said. ``You could tell early on that he wasn't afraid of going to that pitch to get ahead, used it to finish a couple guys off. As aggressive as he is with his fastball and cutter they really swing at that first pitch curveball and they got locked up." Yes hitters know that Hughes will attack the zone and will be geared up for fastballs, making the curve - if he can throw it for strikes - and great way to counter.

NICE TRY: The Twins feel that home plate umpire Andy Fletcher could have called a few more strikes on Friday and let him know it. Hughes tried to do in his own special way, feigning utter disappointment in an attempt to get he ump to be nicer to him later. ``They probably weren't strikes so I try and act disappointed so they will maybe change their mind the next time around," Hughes said. ``There were ones that were maybe just an inch off and Kurt puts his head down and I'm shaking my head and the dugout is yelling at him just to try to work him over to see if he will open things up. The good ones don't budge and he didn't budge."

ROSARIO GETS A HIT: There was a lot of talk about Eddie Rosario before the game, how he's been pressing and chasing bad pitches. Molitor even pointed out how its not good to be labled as a guy who can be retired without throwing him a strike. Rosario came in as a defensive replacement for Eduardo Escobar after the seventh and doubled to right in the eighth to snap an 0-for-12 skid. Maybe that will get him going.