Here are three thoughts following the Twins' 5-3 loss to Milwaukee

STRIKE ZONE ISSUES: Lance Barrett had a tight strike zone on Sunday. I ran into the TV booth to get Bert Blyleven's opinion, and he agreed. But Barrett was consistent, and Twins manager Paul Molitor indicated that both team had issues.  But Barrett was inconsistent one time - the worst time. With Brian Dozier batting, Barrett called strike two on a pitch he called a ball during the previous 8.2 innings, Dozier disagreed with the call, and I think that got him flustered for the next pitch, which he should have swung at because it was a strike. Dozier was mad and let Barrett have it. Ran into Bert after the game, and he said that both pitches were strikes on their FOX toy strike zone thingy. I understood that, but Barrett had been calling that pitch a ball. A heck of a time to change.

MILONE ON FIRE: Tommy Milone could be a candidate to move to the bullpen when Ervin Santana joins the rotation on Sunday - boy it's coming up fast. The Twins could use lefthanded help, and Milone is lefthanded. But how can you take him out now? Milone is at his spot-hitting best right now as he's 2-0 with a 2.03 ERA this month. He would have more wins if the Twins would score more. I think the Twins should try a six-man rotation into the All-Star break then figure things out over the break. But Milone deserves to remain in the rotation.

TWINS NEED A SHORTSTOP: GM Terry Ryan disagreed with me when I brought it up today. He feels that they have depth at short with Eduardo Nunez, Eduardo Escobar and Danny Santana around, But there's no No. 1 shortstop and that's a problem to me. I think they need to roll with Santana and see if he can channel his inner 2014. But if they aren't enamored with him as an every day starter they should look to fortify the position. The phrase, "shortstop platoon,'' just doesn't look right to me.

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