Intro: Host Michael Rand listened to Kirk Cousins' session with Vikings reporters on Wednesday and couldn't help but notice how drama-free things are in Minnesota right now — particularly compared to the situation in Green Bay. Cousins talked about watching film of every game he's played in the NFL in an attempt to get better and also welcoming new QB Kellen Mond with open arms. No game shows. No missing practice. Just a nice quiet June.

6:00: Rachel Blount joins the show to talk about Minnesota's Olympic hopefuls and what to watch for in key U.S. trials in swimming + diving, track + field and gymnastics in the next couple of weeks. Blount and Rand also look into the big question overshadowing the games: Should they even be happening given the state of COVID-19 in Japan and fears of an outbreak?

28:00: Josh Donaldson vs. Gerrit Cole ended with a fizzle on Wednesday, especially if you're a Twins fan. Cole got whatever revenge he wanted by striking out Donaldson in his first two at-bats.

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