Here are several things that were said in the immediate aftermath of Michigan’s 38-35 victory over the Gophers in 2003:

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr

“I’ve been in a lot of games. That was a special one. I give all of our kids, they deserve all the credit, because when you have a disappointment like we did last week, then come in and play very poorly in a tough arena and fall behind, and then catch up and fall behind again, it just speaks to the human spirit. These kids had tremendous spirit.”

Michigan QB John Navarre

“We just made up our minds we weren’t going to be denied today.”

Michigan WR Braylon Edwards

“We’re the team that we know we are. We’re going to find ways to win. That’s what a championship team has to do. Although we can’t play for the national championship, we can still play for the Big Ten championship, and this win means we’re a championship team.”

Gophers coach Glen Mason

“If you would have told me before the game that we would rush for [424] yards tonight, I would have told you that we won.”

Gophers QB Asad Abdul-Khaliq

“I don’t think the tears are going to stop until Tuesday. We put so much into this game. We were so prepared and ready to play.”

Gophers defensive coordinator Greg Hudson

“There’s blood on the floor — it’s from my heart bleeding.”