Twelve hours or so after being voted on to another week with NBC’s “The Voice,” Nicholas David -- aka St. Paul singer Nick “The Feelin’” Mrozinski -- said he wasn’t sweating the results this week. But his lack of nervousness was not due to the fact his deeply bellowed version of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” earned another rave reception.

“Honestly, I just put my faith and trust in the experience of this whole thing, and whatever happens I believe was meant to happen,” Mrozinski said by phone from Los Angeles at 8:15 a.m. his time (he had a morning-show radio interview to do, too). He also mentioned one other very good reason he’s not too worried about being sent home to Minnesota, where he hasn’t been since early October.

“I frickin’ miss my family, man,” he said, referring to his two young sons and their mom, who is currently pregnant with their third child. “It’s been really hard, but at the same time I take comfort in the idea that my success here could mean I wind up getting to spend more time with them after this is over.”

His homecoming has been put off for at least another week, and things will be very interesting for him next week. For the past two rounds, he has delivered two classic soul/R&B songs, also including Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” last week. So does he keep up with that winning formula or try to impress the coaches and voting public by showing off some other facet of his talent.

“That’s exactly what’s on the agenda for today,” he said, not providing any hints of his next move. Whatever happens will happen, in other words.

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