This is a quick-reaction post following the Vikings' victory over Jacksonville. I'll have my real column up at later, and in the Monday Star Tribune


The Vikings have lost to the Falcons and Cowboys. They barely beat the one-win Jaguars, and they needed overtime to do it - an overtime in which they had to overwork Dalvin Cook and showed little faith in their kicker.

The Vikings are in position to go to the playoffs.

All of those things can be true. All of those things are true. The Vikings have won five of six to reach .500 for the season, and a victory next week at Tampa Bay would put them in position to make the playoffs.

But do you believe in this team, after watching them almost lose to Jacksonville at home in a game they desperately needed to win?

Once again Kirk Cousins put up quality numbers...and damaged his credibility with a horrid interception returned for a touchdown.

Once again Dalvin Cook saved the day...but the Vikings' inability to put the game away earlier meant he amassed a career-high 38 touches, not a good sign given that he'll be vital against the Bucs.

Dan Bailey missed two extra points and mishit a long field goal attempt, another frightening sign.

And star linebacker Eric Kendricks missed the game after aggravating a calf injury during warmups, and Jacksonville's intitial offensive successes targeted his replacements.

So the Vikings are average, and in position to make a playoff run. Feel about that however you will.