Morris Day and the original Time were stylin' in 2008 at Hotel Minneapolis. Star Tribune photo


The Time has come again — but with a different moniker.

Like the Family, the Time has been forced by Prince — who owns the rights to the name — to choose a different moniker in order to release a new album. The new name is the Original 7ven, meaning Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir and Jerome Benton.

Their long-talked about reunion album, "Condensate," will be released Oct. 18. The next night, the band formerly known as the Time will perform at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

The last album by this lineup was 1990’s "Pandemonium." The group reunited in 2008 for a performance on the Grammys and then 15 gigs in Las Vegas. They also performed at the opening of the Hotel Minneapolis in September 2008. The Minneapolis-bred funk group's heyday was in the 1980s with such Prince-produced hits as "Cool," "Jungle Love" and "The Bird."

Of the Original 7een, only Moir and Jellybean Johnson still live in the Twin Cities. Most of the other members are based in Los Angeles.

The Original 7ven is not to be confused with Morris Day & the Time, a group started by the frontman in 1996 that performed at this year’s Minnesota State Fair.

There’s no word yet on a Twin Cities gig for the Original 7ven.