Yes, I did just throw a 90's-esque "not" into the title of this blog. And yes, it was completely necessary because the three days I spent in the coastal plain region of Barcelona were absolutely beautiful; people, sights, culture, and cuisine included. While, in my opinion, three days is simply not enough to take in all the beauty that is Barcelona, I will try to list my top 5 in Barca if you find yourself pressed for time.

1. GAUDI. Are you surprised? In all honesty you cannot walk around Barcelona without catching sight of at least one of Gaudi's beautiful buildings, but why wouldn't you want to? His innovative style is enough to make you feel like you are living in a fantasy world. I would go so far to say that I felt the same in Sagrada Familia when 21 as I did in Disney World when 6.

2. PAELLA. And you are hearing this from a vegetarian! Though, the classic seafood paella consists of shrimp with their eyes budding out at you which is quite a treat. Whether it is meatless, drenched in lemon, or a combination of meat, seafood, vegetables and beans, you are definitely rewarding your taste-buds with this dish. I won't judge--order a whole pan for yourself.

3. PICASSO MUSEUM. I probably sound like a scratched CD (do you like my new-age metaphor?) talking about art all the time but I can guarantee a good time for all in the Picasso Museum. Not only is seeing his work displayed in five adjoining medevil palaces an experience in itself, but the museum is laid out in a fashion that allows you to watch his art evolve. We all know about the amazing contributions he made to cubism, but don't lie and tell me that style hasn't made you wonder if you could give a piece of paper to the five year old you babysit and get something similar. No offense P! You are a saint. And I now have an immense amount of respect for the styles that brought you to your final masterpieces.

4. NIGHTLIFE. Now I am not one who insists on getting belligerent in each country you set foot in, nor am I suggesting that for Barcelona but the nightlife is definitely something to at least experience. The main spot I would suggest is along the boardwalk simply because you can sip on your magarita right next to the beach while listening to 80's American Pop (which is pretty big in Europe right now by the way).

5. WALK DOWN LA RAMBLA. Or just walk in general. At the end of La Rambla is an enormous monument of Christopher Colombus himself (fun fact: he is facing America. How cute). If you are lucky enough to get weather like I did, walk as much as you can. The metro is easy and convenient, but there is nothing quite like the energy flowing through this city. I would even suggest sitting in Placa de Catalunya for a good hour as you soak in the sun and simultaneously freak out/become mezmerized by the amount of pigeons doing the same thing.