The period was the early 1950s, and my parents were dreaming of a cabin on a lake.

They found a spot. The landowner was a banker from Silver Lake, Minn. My folks bought the lot. Then began years of cleaning the property. Many of us got poison ivy rash, but it all was for a good reason. We all were excited about having a lake place. In those years, Dad, a union carpenter in the metro for many years, would haul home and recycle anything he could. At that time people could haul home doors or anything thrown out. You bet he did that.

Some windows, still in the cabin today, came from Setterberg Jewelers in Cokato; French doors came from a church that was getting demolished, and a little building off Interlachen golf course for clubs was used for our pump house.

Many friends and family enjoyed the place. Each Sunday we wondered who would come up to the red cabin on the hill and join us. Neighborhood kids would show up to go along to the cabin. Looking back, I think the cabin was a retreat without all the luxuries we now all enjoy. The hammock and boathouse were favorites.

The cabin still sits on the hill, on Collinwood Lake. Someone else now is making memories. We are grateful that we had a chance to love it as much as our parents did.

Linda Keith, Buffalo, Minn.