What do other people want you to feel guilty about today? Oh, lots. Let’s begin with this: NPR reviews the Little Caesar Bacon-Wrapped Crust pizza. Most of the comments approve, and most of the commenters seem like amusing people with a self-deprecating sense of perspective. It takes quite a while before the obligatory scold cracks her knuckles and gets down to telling these people what needs to be told:

Good lord! Anything to pork out the nation! Oink, oink! Is this the food industry's solution to us living longer? Killing us with fat and salt? "A single slice of bacon-wrapped pizza will contain 23 grams of fat and 450 calories. For comparison, a slice of regular deep-dish pepperoni has 18 grams of fat and 390 calories" (source, Little Caesars). The USRDA for Total Fat, is 65 grams; Saturated fatty acids is 20 grams. Some food for thought when you're pigging out on this insane dish.

She is hooted out by everyone else, and no doubt imagined herself saying Well I Never before leaving, huff-wise. Of course it’s not good for you in the sense that a well-balanced diet with lots of greens is good for you. It’s bacon-wrapped pizza. No one who orders it thinks “this is the answer to a slender physique and a long, long life, right here.” No one cares. But! Over at this NPR / Salt page, a discussion about the lower price of food brings out all the people who hate what you’re eating and think you should pay more and eat something else.

People who obsess about what other people eat can be the most unhappy people you’ll ever find.

But don’t take my word, when you can run it past a small-town pizza lawyer.

Oh, and this just in, from Bloomberg: “Other corners of the fast-food industry have folded against public pressure for healthier choices. Not pizza.” You may thank the pizza lobby - or, as it’s known, the American Pizza Community.

Anyway. Back to guilt. You could feel guilty about using K-cups instead of the K-cup replacements; if not, read this Atlantic piece. Interesting backstory on the machines, and a reminder that coffee pots use more electricity and most people don’t compost grounds. Also, Starbucks.

Commercial brewing at places like Starbucks is efficient in that way, except that many people use a new cup every time they go, and recycling rates are less than perfect. There is also the energy cost of transportation to and from said Starbucks. Thinking about all of this has been almost enough to make me feel like every coffee method is so far from perfect that I should just give up entirely.

This may be the appeal of Soylent for some people. It’s the only way they can live with themselves.

JUSTICE This isn’t a surprise, but the numbers may surprise some people. AV Club:

Ensuring that daytime TV viewers will never be left without the scathing wit and withering judgment that provides their lives with structure, CBS TV has announced that it’s extending its contract with Judge Judy Sheindlin through 2020.

The contract extension will add three more seasons to Sheindlin’s ridiculously lucrative syndicated program, Judge Judy, and earn the televised adjudicator, already one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers, another $150 million.

Lots of hate for the Judge in the comments. Matter of taste, I guess. No one else on TV excoriates the undeserved entitlement of the dim and coddled.

HISTORY When you think about it, we only know about .005% of what happened. Wars, Kings expiring, Papal decrees - that’s just the headlines. We may never know why there were eight mass graves buried under the streets of Paris, but according to this Guardian story the bones are seeing light for the first time.