Don Draper

High: His most impressive sales pitch was using family photos and poetic language to sell a carousel projector to Eastman Kodak.

Low: He admits his fake identity to a valuable client and is forced to take a leave of absence.

Peggy Olson

High: She gets promoted from secretary to copywriter after impressing the executives with her thoughts on Belle Jolie lipstick.

Low: She decides to give up the baby she had with Pete Campbell.

Betty Draper/Francis

High: She thinks she's landed a modeling gig for Pepsi …

Low: … except she hasn't. She reacts by shooting pigeons in the back yard with a BB gun.

Pete Campbell

High: Exploits his father-in-law's connections to bring the much- coveted Clearasil account to the firm, where he is now a partner.

Low: After his father dies in a plane crash, he discovers the old man has depleted Pete's trust fund.

Joan Holloway

High: She becomes an account executive, handling major clients such as Avon.

Low: She agrees to sleep with a Jaguar dealer in exchange for being made partner.

Roger Sterling

High: Snags the Chevrolet account after arranging a merger with another ad firm.

Low: His mother and his favorite shoeshine man die at roughly the same time, sending him into an emotional slump.

Neal Justin