Moulin rude

Darren Star, who created “Melrose Place” and “Sex and the City,” offers his own twist on the American in Paris tale in “Emily in Paris,” a new sitcom that’s as fluffy as a croissant. Of course, there’s nothing “ugly” about Lily Collins, playing an adorable social-media expert who never met a landmark she couldn’t Instagram. It’s the French who get the raw end of the deal. Star relies on so many stereotypes — They’re rude! They’re lazy! They’re sex addicts! — you’ll be tempted to book a trip to Keokuk instead.

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Behind the music

“Hamilton” has already been dissected to death, but the episode of “Song Exploder” that tracks the creation of Aaron Burr’s solo, “Wait for It,” is something of a revelation. Other installments of this dream series for music geeks explore the roots of Alicia Keys’ “3 Hour Drive” and R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” with the full support of the musicians. Host Hrishikesh Hirway, who also created a podcast with the same name, does a nice job of coaxing details out of his guests.

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Gilded bird

Despite four Oscar nominations, Ethan Hawke has always floated just below the A-list. “The Good Lord Bird” should lift him to the top. Hawke, who co-created the limited series, plays abolitionist John Brown, fuming and frothing his way through a dress rehearsal for the Civil War. The subject may be serious, but the tone is dark comedy, relying as much on Coen brothers Westerns as history books. Look for juicy cameos from some of Hawke’s Hollywood friends, including part-time Minnesotan Steve Zahn.

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In the club

If CNN’s “The History of Comedy” was a primer, than “The Comedy Store” is graduate school. Docuseries director Mike Binder conducts most of his star-studded interviews within the club’s hallowed halls, and it’s a kick to see former regulars David Letterman, Michael Keaton and Whitney Cummings take a trip down memory lane. Anyone interested in learning about the stand-up scene from the 1970s to today needs to reserve a seat.

9 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

Radio nowhere

Sports broadcaster Craig Carton had it all — until a blackjack addiction led to prison. “Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth” doesn’t pull any punches as Carton reveals his deepest secrets. Former on-air partner Boomer Esiason does little to mask his bitterness in one of many probing interviews. You’ll think twice before sitting down at a card table in Las Vegas.

8 p.m. Wednesday, HBO

Neal Justin