1 Diane Keaton's new memoir, "Then Again," sounds just like her, with the charmingly insecure "I don't knows" and "Oh Gods" that you remember from her movies. It's more a look at her relationship with her mother than it is a tell-all about Hollywood, though she confesses she wanted to marry Al Pacino, and, to get in his good graces, taught him to drive. The most remarkable thing about this book, though, is her mother's journals -- 85 of them -- and Keaton chooses from them wisely, and with love.

2 Every twist in the sensitive, emotionally satisfying "The Descendants" is as slippery and urgent as a goldfish tipped out of its tank. Cast against type, George Clooney plays a diligent lawyer who is rocked by his suddenly comatose wife's impending death. Not only is he losing his love, now he must step up as parent to two daughters. But he learns his wife was having an affair and set to file for divorce, which complicates his grieving. This film is life being sad, beautiful and dumb all in the same breath.

3 He fawns all over guests and likes to play silly physical games with them. Where Jimmy Fallon truly shines, though, is when he does comedic musical impressions on "Late Night," such as his baby-daddy sendup of Justin Bieber's "Baby" and his interpretation of the "Reading Rainbow" theme song as delivered by the Doors (with Fallon portraying all four members). And Fallon's "History of Rap, Part 3," with Justin Timberlake, was priceless because the two B-boys were having too much fun.

4 Mixed Blood Theatre continues with its festival, Center of the Margins. Three plays that run in repertoire explore the world of people with disabilities. "On the Spectrum" by Ken LaZebnik is the best of the group, but if you can clear out a weekend day, watching all three in succession is worth it. www.mixedblood.com

5 Two popular bands that have little in common besides Minnesota P.O. boxes and the high mileage on their vans, Motion City Soundtrack and Trampled by Turtles, cover each other on a new 7-inch split single. The pop-punk MCS crew turn "Wait So Long" into a polished, dramatic rock epic, while the rootsy, all-acoustic TBT boys capture the manic energy of "Disappear" with their strings in full, hyper-picking motion. Quality songwriting transcends musical genres.