lovePredictably, right as the latest flurry of “What’s wrong with the Cavaliers” stories started hitting a couple weeks ago (this was either the second or third round of them, depending on how you were counting), Cleveland started getting its act together. LeBron James returned from injury, he started getting more help, and Cleveland ripped off a six-game winning streak that is ongoing after Sunday’s win against OKC.

The Cavs are now 25-20 — not anywhere near what people thought they would be, but still they’re trending upward. That said, Kevin Love … well, he’s still working to find his game. He actually had his best game during the winning streak against OKC, getting 19 points and 13 rebounds while hitting 5 of 7 three-pointers despite having a dizzy spell early in the game. That kind of output used to be routine for Love; in the previous five games of the winning streak, though, Love:

*Missed one game with back spasms.

*Shot a combined 17 for 47 (36.2 percent) and was just 3 for 17 from three-point range while scoring an average of 15.3 ppg.

*Had a game against Charlotte in which he played 30 minutes but grabbed just three rebounds.

Long story short: Love is still trying to find his way in Cleveland, and the time for him to do it is shrinking with every game.

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